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A Day in the life at Dog Farm Days

At Adelaide Dog Farm Days, we believe that every dog deserves a day filled with adventure, play, and love. Our unique outdoor farm day retreat offers an array of activities that cater to your furry companion’s natural instincts and provide a stimulating and joyful experience.

Daily Enrichment Activities:

From the moment your pup arrives at our farm, they are welcomed into a world of fun and exploration. We begin the day with an exciting array of daily enrichment activities that keep your dog mentally and physically engaged. Our experienced caregivers organize activities and engage with each dog to stimulate your dog’s senses and boost their cognitive abilities.

Running and Playtime:

Running and playing are essential for a dog’s well-being, and our farm provides the perfect setting for them to do just that. With wide-open spaces, green fields, and plenty of room to roam, our furry guests can indulge in boundless playtime with their newfound friends. Whether it’s a game of fetch, playing with other dogs, or simply rolling in the grass, we ensure your dog gets their daily dose of exercise and fun.

Swimming in the Lake:

One of the highlights of our farm is the serene lake where dogs can take a refreshing dip and splash around. Swimming is not only a great form of exercise but also a fantastic way for dogs to cool off during warm days. Our caregivers are attentive to ensure the safety of all swimmers and to make sure the experience is enjoyable for every dog.

Digging and Sniffing Fun:

For dogs, sniffing and digging are instinctual activities that provide mental stimulation and satisfaction. Our farm’s natural environment offers plenty of opportunities for your furry friend to explore different scents and dig to their heart’s content. These activities are not only enjoyable but also help alleviate boredom and promote a sense of contentment.

Interactions and Rest Breaks:

Our team is passionate about creating meaningful connections with each dog in our care. Throughout the day, we actively interact with the dogs, offering belly rubs, ear scratches, and plenty of affection. We also recognize the importance of providing rest breaks, ensuring that our furry guests have time to recharge and relax in between activities.

A Day in the Life at Adelaide Dog Farm Days:

Our days are structured to give your dog the best experience possible. Here’s what a typical day looks like:

7:00 – 9:00 AM: Our friendly doggy school bus arrives at your doorstep for pick-up. Your pup is warmly greeted by our caregivers and fellow furry travelers.

10:10 AM – 3:00 PM: Once at our farm, the day is filled with thrilling activities. From running through the fields to swimming in the lake, your dog will have a day packed with joy, socialization, and exploration.

3:00 PM: As the afternoon draws to a close, we begin the journey back home. Your tired but contented dog heads back, carrying cherished memories of their day at our farm day retreat.

We can’t wait to welcome your dog to a day of adventure and happiness at Adelaide Dog Farm Days!

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