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We understand how challenging it can be to balance work and giving your beloved dog the exercise and care they need. That’s where we come in! At Adelaide Dog Farm Days, We offer a convenient home pick up doggy day care service. Unlike typical city based day cares, we provide a farm adventure for dogs. Letting them roam outdoors, embrace nature and swim in our huge dam. We are located 45 minutes from the CBD of Adelaide and provide daily pickup services in our doggy school bus!

Doggy Day Care: 

Say goodbye to your worries about your pup being home alone all day. Our friendly team will pick up your dog right from your doorstep and whisk them away to our delightful farm, where they’ll experience a day full of fun and activities with their furry friends. 

Doggy School Bus:

No need to drop your dog off at our store or a cold dog park! Our doggy school bus is at your service, Pick up and drop off daily from your doorstep and ready to take them on a memorable journey to our outdoor paradise.

5-star Google Review Rating

If you have a fur baby with too much energy and in the need of a day out, this is your place. This experience is doggy heaven with so much to see, smell and play with. Our fun loving Vizsla loves it. He comes home so happy and exhausted. Highly recommend. Plus the cute doggy school bus picking them up from your front door is an absolute bonus!

Rebecca Townsend

My kelpie has done a couple days at Adelaide dog farm days and he absolutely loves it. I love seeing live updates of his day through their instagram story’s! He alway comes home absolutely exhausted which is unbelievable for a kelpie! Not having to drop off or pick up is the best part!! Thanks to the team at Adelaide dog farm days for looking after Wes.

Harry Fried

Our dog absolutely loved this experience! Conveniently picked up from the front of our house before work, got updates throughout the day! He was loving it, running around all day, swimming in the dam playing with other dogs. He came home (dropped to our doorstep) and was knackered. Owen was a legend and can’t wait to send him back!!!!

Andrew Khabbaz

Our dog Bear loves Adelaide Dog Farm Days! He had the best day making new dog friends and doing zoomies around the farm. The convenience of the big yellow bus drop-off and pick-up right to our house makes it so easy. Thank you for giving Bear such a wonderful day and he’s already excited for the next time! thanks for all you do for our doggo.

Zoe Vaughan

Adelaide Doggy Day Care: Where Dogs Have the Best Day Ever!

At Adelaide Dog Farm Days, we believe that every dog deserves a day filled with joy, play, and camaraderie. Our doggy day care services in Adelaide go beyond the ordinary, providing an exceptional experience for Adelaide Dogs.

The Adelaide Dog Farm Difference: More Than Just Day Care

1. Engaging Activities for Every Pup:

At our Adelaide doggy day care, we understand that each dog has its own personality and energy level. That’s why we tailor our activities to suit every pup’s preferences. From running around in our farm paddocks, to swimming in our large dam, every moment is designed for fun and engagement.

2. Interactive Learning:

Doggy day care isn’t just about play; it’s an opportunity for your dog to learn and grow. At Adelaide Doggy day care we engage with the dogs, providing not just physical exercise but also mental stimulation. Whether it’s solving puzzles, learning new tricks, or simply enjoying a quiet moment of companionship, your dog’s day is enriched with meaningful experiences.

3. Personalized Attention:

Unlike crowded city-based day cares, we prioritize giving dogs as much space as their hearts desire. This ensures that each dog receives the personalized attention they deserve. Our team gets to know each dog individually, understanding their preferences and ensuring they feel comfortable and cared for throughout the day.

Adelaide doggy day care service: How it works

1. Doorstep Pick-Up:

Our doggy school bus isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s the beginning of a memorable journey for your pup. We provide pick up from metropolitan Adelaide, Monday to Friday and then take the dogs directly to our outdoor doggy day care farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Only a 45 minute trip to our farm retreat.

2. Outdoor Paradise Awaits:

Once at our farm, your dog steps into a world of natural beauty. From open paddocks to shady tree areas. We also have a huge dam that your dog can swim and play in. Your pup can run, play, and explore in a safe and secure environment.

3. Furry Friends Await:

Socialization is key to a happy and healthy dog. Our Adelaide doggy day care provides ample opportunities for your pup to make new friends. Whether it’s a game of tag, a splash in the dam, or simply sharing a sunny spot, every interaction is a chance for your dog to build social skills and enjoy the company of fellow furry companions.

4. Safe and Homely Retreat:

At the end of the day, our doggy school bus brings your pup back home, tired but content. Our overnight boarding services are also available for those times when your adventures take you away for longer. Your dog will find a cozy spot to rest, surrounded by the familiar scents and sounds of our farm.

Book Your Dog’s Day of Delight

Discover the joy of doggy day care in Adelaide like never before. Book your dog’s adventure with us and let them experience the warmth of our farm, the thrill of new friendships, and the delight of a day filled with tail-wagging happiness.